Let´s bridge sacred science with the mystical.
Embryology, the seeds of our anatomy, with the seeds of our soul.
Let´s remember & understand our unique landscape of healing on our bodies.
Lets touch this wisdom with love.



This is for the ones, ready to awaken their inner Healer.

Inviting back their own medicine & walking their unique path of healing & remembering.



  • who know they are called to step up & serve in their unique way
  • who are longing for a safe anchoring grid-  ready to gain a new perspective on the body temple & understanding the anatomy in a deeper way
  • yearning for a safe space to take deep breaths & feeling nurtured


  • ready to take their power back, ready to reclaim their sacred ground, ready to open up for the divinity of their own BEing
  • longing to learn more about their body & feeling guided in valid steps regarding their own health & healing journey
  • that got a diagnosis & besides the current education/guidance they receive/are in, are yearning for a safe healing space with a holistic approach

It serves, when you find yourself in situations like:

  • you want to cleanse your system & are maybe already on a detox protocol, yet you want to add a more holistic & gentle approach as a guiding tool
  • you want to bring more vitality back to your body & mind and rejuvenate your system
  • you want to strengthen your immune system & safety in your own body temple
  • you want to deepen the connection to your inner healer
  • you want to come back to a more grounded, peaceful state
  • you are in a phase of transition in your life & are longing for a gentle guidance to feel yourself anew
  • you know something needs to change regarding your health, yet you don’t really know where to start, or where to go 

About me

I am Essenia.
My roots are in Greece & in Germany. And for sure, in the welcoming arms of Mother Nature.
I am grateful for the lineage of medicine women from my greek roots. As I feel their warmth & protecting hands, in every step along my way.
My gift is to guide & to see. To connect you with your inner wisdom keeper, your inner unique diamond of healing. 
To translate the messages of the visible & invisible realms aka. the body & soul, into guidance for your daily life.
I believe there is beauty in this merging, in this wisdom. 
And I believe this is the real medicine for your, for my life.
As for me, healing is art, healing is remembering & welcoming, with every breath a little deeper, who you truly are.

In the online healing temple, I will share from my experience out of my private practice from the last 8 years;
welcoming new borns, working with children, journeying to root causes of symptoms, holistic women´s health and the healing power of touch.
The approaches to holistic healing & health I chose to study the last years were:
Biodynamic Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Herbal Alchemy & different styles of energy medicine.
Yet what I deeply believe what really teached me, were the initiations along my own healing journey.

I believe we are in a time, where the real healers & priestesses are being called to reawaken to their unique powers & to lead with their love.
For this to happen, we must tap into our own heart, allowing our own brilliance to be kissed awake. 
Developing fierceness in expressing our medicine, the way only we can. 
As I deeply believe real power emerges, when we unite with our hearts, with our true medicine.
As you are reading this; thank you for BEing here.
Looking forward to meet you in the temple.
All the love

There will be 4 main modules

  • Module 1: Physical GROUND
    • The Heart & the Base: Ignition of the unique healing matrix & anatomical correlations (Female & masculine organs, Psoas, Coccys,..)
    • Cardiovascular System: it´s message & practices for everyday magic
    • Understanding Diaphragms  and it´s importance for the healing flow
    • Guided Healing Journey: Grounding HEART - EARTH Element
  • Module 2: Emotional GROUND
    • Solarplexus and it´s anatomical correlations (Stomach, Liver,..)
    • Lymphatic System: it´s messages & practices for everyday magic
    • Guided Healing Journey:  Source of Healing - WATER Element
  • Module 3: Mental GROUND
    • The Throat, the sacred cross & it´s anatomical correlations (Thyroid, Shoulders,..)
    • Nervous System: it´s messages & practices for everyday magic
    • Guided Healing Journey: Sensual Breath - AIR Element
  • Module 4: Soul GROUND
    • Healing the own connection to Spirit  & it´s importance for the inner healing flow
    • Hormonal System:  it´s messages & practices for everyday magic
    • Guided Healing Journey: The fire in the own Heart - FIRE Element


You wander from room to room
Hunting for the diamond necklace
That is already around your neck



For additional questions, please reach out via:

[email protected]